Model for Ideology VI (2015)

Model for Ideology VI @ FH1Thanks so much to everyone who came to Mark Devereux Projects’ Open Studio at Castlefield Gallery’s Federation House, Manchester on Thursday.

I am still a little sore after my performance of Model for Ideology VI, but your support kept me going! Cheers to the man who left me a drawing at the end of the night – very sweet.

*Pic courtesy of @J_Longmore


Open House (2015)

open houseONE NIGHT ONLY – Thursday, 26 March, 6-9pm

In 2012 Castlefield Gallery (CG) launched New Art Spaces, providing temporarily empty properties to artists in Greater Manchester and the North West to create and present new work to audiences. From empty retail units, warehouses, to office spaces, artists have been transforming these spaces into temporary studio and exhibition spaces.

With exhibitions, open studios, video, new art and performance (*I’ll be doing a performance throughout the night at Mark Devereux Projects on the 1st floor*), join us for OPEN HOUSE on Thursday 26 March 6-9pm at CG New Art Spaces Federation House, currently CG’s flagship New Art Space in Manchester. Supported by NOMA.

@CastlefieldGall #NASOPENHOUSE
Federation House, Federation St / Balloon St, Manchester M4 2AH


University of Manchester Residency (2015)

xraysI am delighted to announce that I am undertaking a six month residency in the world-renowned Arthritis Research UK Centre for Excellence in Epidemiology (CfE), based within The University of Manchester.

The residency’s focus will be the CfE’s sixty-year heritage, centred on the historic Lawrence/Kellgren X-ray collection that was used to develop the standard classification system for osteoarthritis. I will research this collection and other relevant archival materials in order to inspire new artwork… watch out for a link to the project blog…


Intone (2015)

101_2868In 2013, composer Ailis ni Riain and I were commissioned to create “Intone” – an installation for Durham Brass Festival. This piece is now being shown at Platform One, as part of Lucky Dog Music‘s curatorial forays into Todmorden, a rural market town in West Yorkshire.

The work will be on show, 11am – 5pm, Thurs – Sun, 5-29 March 2015 (admission is free and the venue is easy to find – just jump out of the train at Todmorden and into the gallery on platform 1!).

A video about this piece is available here.


Book Up! (2015)

Book Up cover copyIn 2012 I was contacted by four students from the Gutenburg School in Frankfurt – they were creating a student project around the idea of discarded books and wanted to include images of my work in their project. I agreed. Since then the project has snowballed and even attracted a publisher so that now “Book Up!” has been released (Frech Verlag, 2015). It is a manual full of ideas of what to do with old books. I have been included in the “Artists” section alongside perennial favourites Brian Dettmer and Robert The, amongst others. Thanks and congratulations to Bianca Hauert, Vanessa Morawitz, Sandra Pätkau and Anna Walach for such a successful project!


Little Performance (2014)

Little PerformanceThe December issue of Little Performance magazine includes a feature on my two part piece Record, which began life as a performance and concluded as sculpture. You can read about it here.

Thanks to Anthony Barkworth Knight for documentation!


NAEA Residency (2014)

Slide1I’m really looking forward to returning to the National Arts Education Archive at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in December, although not so sure the weather will be as kind to me as it was in July! I’ll just have to work extra hard to keep myself warm…

You can follow my residency’s progress here.


Knowledge in Time – Extracts (2014)

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.36.30During 2013, filmmaker Antony Barkworth-Knight made a documentary about my work.

Antony came to see me in my space at Rogue Studios on a weekly basis, as well as filming various exhibitions round the country. The result is “Knowledge in Time” and extracts from it can be viewed here.

Many thanks to Antony for his hard work and patience… watch this space for Part 2 which is currently in production!


Book Destruction (2014)

Book Destruciton CoverBook Destruction from the Medieval to the Contemporary
eds. Gillian Partington, Adam Smyth (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)
ISBN 9781137367655

I am delighted to be included in this new book (Chapter 10 – Kindle: Recycling and the Future of the Book. An Interview with Nicola Dale). Many thanks to Gill and Adam for asking good questions (and sorry I missed the edible books)!

About this publication: The book is a common, everyday object, yet its destruction has become overloaded with potent symbolism. ‘Book burning’ has become a shorthand for barbarism, philistinism and intolerance. But is there another story to be told here, which is lost amid the overheated rhetoric and knee-jerk responses? Book Destruction, a collection of essays by scholars and interviews with artists, approaches the fraught topic from a new angle. It sets such dominant attitudes and platitudes alongside an important but occluded counter-narrative, addressing the cutting, burning, pulping, defacing and tearing of books from the medieval period to our own age. What are the motivations and reasons for these acts, and what cultural meanings have been attached to them? How does destruction relate to recycling, reuse, to collage and quotation? When do acts of destruction become moments of creativity? A surprising new picture emerges of a wide range of practices, undertaken in diverse contexts and for different ends.



Open Studios (2014)

Open Studios 2014 Back


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